Meet Bri Backes!

Name: Bri Backes

Year: Junior

Major: International Studies (African Studies and GWS certificates)

What are your areas of interest relating to tawi?
I study the health and human rights of women in Africa. I am especially interested in issues that affect orphans and vulnerable children. 

What is your favorite story from your experiences abroad? 
I’ve been a little here and a little there. The places I have spent the most amounts of time are Guatemala, South Africa, and Bulgaria, so if you have any questions or reservations about traveling be sure to message me!

My favorite memory of being abroad has to be when we were finally able to bring my sister home from Bulgaria in 2009. It had been seven months since my mom and I had first visited Emmi, so it was quite the occasion. 

What are you most excited about for this semester in tawi?
Getting to know all the new members! Unfortunately, I have class during general meetings, so I’m working on ways to make this happen more often(:

Where is your favorite place in Madison?
Because I can’t choose just one… eating cookie dough egg rolls at Bluephies, eating Thai food at Ha Long Bay, drinking tea at Macha tea house, and drinking ‘not tea’ at the Ivory Room Piano Bar. Yes, all my favorite places involve eating or drinking.