Meet Rachel Campbell!

Name: Rachel Campbell

Major: Dietetics with a certificate in Global Health

What are your areas of interest relating to Tawi?
I am most interested in how people can use their environment for resources, and to make those assets pure and usable. Another area of interest is decreasing the amount of people that live below the poverty line and suffer from constant hunger.

What is your experience abroad?
I have not traveled internationally but I would love to go abroad when the time is right. I want to go everywhere! I’m not too picky as long as I am immersed in a different and unique culture and that I can participate in research of some sort. I think going to Central America or South America would be neat.

What are you most excited about for this semester in Tawi?
Since I am not growing abroad this year, I am excited to learn more about possible issues I could research for next year. Also, learning about everyone’s research and seeing the results. And becoming more aware about issues that occur internationally.

Where is your favorite place in Madison?
Near lake Mendota and walking down Bascom and seeing the view of the city and campus. And Camp Randall, I love badger game days!