Branching Out

Jambo!  The fall semester is officially underway with some exciting developments.  We are jumping headfirst into the new semester with progress on our new webpage, a new board, and big plans while looking forward to new members, new events, and new ideas.
One way in which Tawi is branching out is through the creation of a network for Ugandan organizations that provide income generating activity (IGA) training and micro-financing loans to poor women.  The network was spurred from interviews with NGOs and CBOs focused on poverty alleviation in Uganda, run by our director of outreach, Lauren Andraski.  Here is an exerpt from her proposal for the up-and-coming network, Women's Micro-financing Network (WOMIN):

"What began as mere curiosity about the state of social protection services in Uganda blossomed into something so much larger and more beautiful as my research went underway.  I traveled to Uganda this summer with Tawi to interview various organizations dealing with poverty alleviation in an attempt to understand their methods, successes, challenges, and programs.  With each consecutive interview and interaction with the organizations that carry the burden and blessing of providing for the nations' poorest individuals, I noticed than nearly every organization included IGA training and micro-financing loans distributed to women, often with high rates of success.  However, it became clear to me that they lack the resources to be as effective as they wish they could be.
The most attainable and realistic solution that I found was to begin the conversation between these organizations.  The Women's Micro-financing Network (WOMIN) aims to facilitate the sharing of ideas, resources, and support among member organizations in hopes to provide more efficient services to the public.  To ensure ownership and independence, the network will be member-run and primarily administered by Women Rights Initiative (WORI), one of our long-term partner organizations in Uganda.  Ideally, the network will hold multible forums each year hosted by member organizations to discuss successes, challenges, needs and other relevant topics while staying in touch between forums through e-mail, a blog, or in-person meetings.
Thus far, a proposal and requisition letter have been sent to the relevant identified organizations.  Those that have responded have indicated their interest and excitement about participating in the network."

Stay tuned for more updates including developments on the network, fall meetings, and more!