Trials and tribulations


Tawi UW Welcomes its newest traveler, Nicole Vike, to Uganda. After a long drive, a crazy jam, and finding some real Oreos along the way, Tessa and I reached Entebbe International Airport at 9:30 last night. We found our Mzungu (Lugandan word for "traveler" which is most commonly used to describe any white person in Uganda) right on time at 10:15.

I'd like to provide this opportunity for Nicole to describe her first moments in this beautiful nation...

First off, this is how my first boda ride went (a boda is a small motorcycle-type contraption):
So both Andrew and I were on one boda, which is pretty typical, and we are driving along when all of a sudden a goat decides to cross the road. The driver slowed down thank goodness but yes, we hit the goat, and the boda spun out a bit. But! We are just fine. Let's just say we didn't pay the driver as much as he wanted.
Second, for dinner, we ordered a homemade over-baked margarita pizza. Yes, homemade oven-baked as in baked outside in a stone fire hut. It was by far the best pizza I've had in a loooooong time. The cheese wasn't melted, but instead it was crunchy which doesn't even make sense, but it was SO GOOD! I may have to have one for each night we remain in Kampala.
I'm really looking forward to seeing more of the country; Andrew and I will be entering Jinja on Thursday and then leaving for the island on Friday or Saturday. I'm a little nervous to be cut off from all forms of communication but the solitude will be relaxing.
That's all for now!