Guest Speaker: Lisa Naughton

Tawi is pleased to be hosting Lisa Naughton of the Geography department at tomorrow's meeting. Naughton's research includes focuses on biodiversity conservation in developing countries, social conflict and land use around protected areas, wildlife ecology in human-dominated landscapes and
property rights to wildlife. In addition to Naughton's roles at UW-Madison, she also serves as a Scientific Advisor to the Endangered Resources Program of the Wisconsin DNR and participates in collaborative research with organizations including the Center for Applied Biodiversity Science and the Wildlife Conservation Society. At 6PM in 1217 Humanities tomorrow, April 8th, Naughton will be speaking about poverty and environmental conservation.

After a week break from meetings, come join us back again for this exciting presentation and discussion. We are also excited to be partnering with the Nelson Institute's student organization, LEAFE for this event. Hope to see everyone there!