Moving Forward with Global Engagement

Tawi is excited to host Lori DiPrete Brown of the UW School of Medicine and Public Health at our upcoming Monday meeting. DiPrete Brown brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as the director of the Graduate Certificate in Global Health, as a member of the leadership team for the Undergraduate Certificate in Global Health, and through her engagement in multiple realms of the international development field. She has worked with organizations such as USAID, PEPFAR and the Peace Corps on initiatives in many different nations.

Professor DiPrete Brown will be joining Tawi to discuss the importance of cultural competency, community-based participatory research, and international engagement.

In addition, a more detailed timeline for proposing and carrying out research and field studies with Tawi and the first steps in this process will be presented, including tips on choosing a research topic and finding a mentor. For both those who attended our kickoff meeting last week, and those who may be coming to a Tawi meeting for the first time, this will be a great way to jump into greater involvement and hear more specifics about involvement opportunities. As an added bonus we will also be hearing from Tawi Director Eric Obscherning about his time at the FACE AIDS National Conference this past weekend.

All of these engaging discussions will take place in Humanitites 1217 on Monday (2/11) at 6PM. We hope to see you all there!