Board Elections!

Good afternoon academic globe trotters,

Pencils down. Books closed. The election results are in! I'm happy to say that the races were tight, proving all candidates were prepared to take on the roles. Please find your new board members below:

Campus Programs Co-Chairs:
Bri Backes & Kristin Harrington

International Programs Chair:
Claudia Roen

Research Coordinator:
Mikaela Weisse

Creative Officer (Communications):
Katie Kozicki

Finance Chair:
The topic of the first board meeting!

The Administrative Board and myself send our congratulations to the candidates elected and our thanks to everybody for sending in their nominations. Each of you has so much to offer to Tawi UW. Whether you were elected or not, there's always a place for ambition in this organization and the candidates showed this wholeheartedly. 

As a previous member of the organization (formerly known as EDGE) I'm honored to see such young and motivated people taking the responsibility of making this transition and new organization a success. Thank you.

Congratulations again,
Sam & the A-board